Black and white dairy cattle are a common sight on the Fylde coast and Lancashire boasts some of the top showing dairy herds in the country. Classes for British Holsteins run alongside those for Ayrshires, a traditional red and white breed, and the less common, but still very important, Jerseys, often introduced to increase the richness and creaminess of the milk. Classes are always well-filled, so come along and find out how your milk is produced and see why local is best.

There are also many breeds of beef cattle in the UK, including some introduced from other European countries in comparatively recent years. The old English breed, the Hereford, is instantly recognisable with its rich, red coat and white markings, but white, black, red and even “blue” animals an be seen at the show. Other breeds you may recognise are the Highlands with their long shaggy coats and spectacular horns, and English Longhorns, another historic breed dating back centuries. A comprehensive commentary throughout these classes will tell you all you need to know!