Heavy Horses

Everyone who enjoys an Agricultural show is familiar with, and loves, the heavy horses!  Garstang Show has had a long and  excellent record for its exhibitors being some of the best in the UK.  Horses are brought from all over the North and some from Scotland to appear at our show, and we’re always grateful for such loyal support.

2021 saw Garstang Show hosting qualifiers for the renowned Horse of the Year Show for the first time. Since then, the In Hand Shire of the Year and British Ridden Heavy Horse classes have been very well supported by exhibitors and it gives our show visitors the unique opportunity to learn more about the other heavy breeds found in the UK. 

NEW for 2023 is a qualifier, again for the Horse of the Year Show, for Driven Heavy Horses. We’re proud and delighted to be one of only 11 shows in the UK to be invited to take part, so please make sure you give all the exhibitors your support.